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Are you ready? Continue

Started by The Jokerr in General Discussion. Last reply by Randy Apr 24.


The new album is coming... And it's NOT what you think! The Jokerr again will shock the independent music world with a revolutionary album release model! Get ready for new music! Continue

Started by The Jokerr in General Discussion. Last reply by joey neltner Mar 3, 2015.


Wow... That's all that can be said! This song is one of two bonus tracks available on the…Continue

Started by The Jokerr in General Discussion. Last reply by Pinkeye420 Feb 1, 2015.


Pre-orders have all been shipped and we will be doing a raffle at the end of next week! The prizes will be dope! So be sure and stay tuned. I'll give you a specific date soon. Also, the store…Continue

Started by The Jokerr in General Discussion. Last reply by Pinkeye420 Feb 1, 2015.

DAILY BRIEF: 8/29/13 - NEW PLANS 36 Replies

I am going to embark on a new journey soon, the days of last are gone, and the trail of destruction is over. I know there have been many shortcomings, largely because of overestimation on my part,…Continue

Started by The Jokerr in General Discussion. Last reply by William Bunting Jul 13, 2014.


I'm coming back here, redesigning the website, and making this the home of exclusive content and fan interaction! Where are my fans at? Comment and let me know if you're with me! HERE WE GO!-JContinue

Started by The Jokerr in General Discussion. Last reply by Aaron Lee Joseph Stevens Aug 26, 2014.


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